Welcome to VI-webworks!

Abe Westfall is VI-webworks and he has over 7 years experience creating websites.
He has also earned an Bachelor's of Information Technology in Programming.
He is a few short months away from earning a Master's of Information Tecnhnology in Internet Security

He has created sites for a wide array of people/companies including tattoo parlors, churches, church organizations, a nail growing cream company, online gaming communities, and individuals.
He has also done work on a company intranet site creating the tools by which the company operates.

He has created programs that provide a number of things including a calendar, a to-do list, access to an online game server, calculator, and other useful programs.
He has also created an application that is used in a corporate setting to log a user in to a firewall utilizing their windows logon name.

Please browse through the examples and other tabs to get a feel for whether VI-webworks would be a good match for you or not.
Feel free to contact Abe using the Contact tab or through the following Instant Messaging programs.
Google: vikemosabe
(note: He may not respond right away, but will respond as soon as he is back at his computer and able to give you the time you deserve.)

Here are a few example sites so you can get an idea of what VI-webworks can do for you.
If you have a specific design you want, just ask. Abe has done other sites and has a very diverse skill set.

Door of Hope, Kokomo, IN. - This site was done for a church, but due to inner church struggles the site has never been used.

The Digital Box - This site is basically a blog for an individual, but it has more features in the way of a picture gallery and games and reviews database. It also has admin-customizable colors and content.

The Village Idiots Online - This is a site for an online gaming community. It includes real-time statistics and server status integration, a message board, a downloads page, and a donations page.

Save-The-Child, Inc. - This site is a really old design and is in the process of being redone.

VI-webworks offers a host of online products, including web hosting, domain registration, online hard drives, fax-to-email numbers, and web site statistics.
We offer this through a GoDaddy reseller account. This alloows us to offer you the same prices, deals, and exceptional hosting as GoDaddy.
On top of exceptional hosting and features we offer 24-hour technical support for everything purchased through the online storefront.

Web Design
VI-webworks offers website design targeting a number of platforms.
We can do simple HTML for static content(content that never changes).
We can also utilize programming and scripting languages to achieve a dynamic site.

The available options for dynamic content are:
ASP.NET using C#.NET or Visual Basic.NET
Java Server Pages
Java Applets
We also offer Flash-based animations, site intros, and navigation bars as well as Sites made entirely from Flash.
On top of basic Flash content we offer Flash/JavaScript integration making a Flash site much more diverse.

Don't let the name fool you, VI-webworks offers programming for offline as well as online applications.

VI-webworks also offers small business solutions including creating Excel spreadsheet templates, Access Database design including distributed database spanning multiple computers, and help with purchasing, installation of, and configuration of servers, workstations, and creation of an intranet site or application that runs on workstations but accesses information from a centralized server.

VI-webworks also offers programming for whatever your specific need is. We can write programs for use with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
The programming languages we currently offer design in are:
Visual Basic.NET
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications - used in Microsoft Office)
If you have a specific project in mind that utilizes a differnt programming language feel free to contact us about it. Those listed here are simply the most commonly used languages.

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